ICS on the tablet – let’s speculate.

Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus looks pretty great from what we've seen, but is anyone else worried about the lack info, beyond "it's coming," for ICS on the tablet?


When it launched I thought Honeycomb brought some nice improvements to tablet UIs (re-sizeable, window-like widgets; tabbed browsing; more accessible multitasking), but it’s also obviously unfinished. If Matias Duarte wants to follow through on his talks about representing a "new type of potential for computer/human interaction," it seems to me they need to really work on the tablet experience. The OS experience on the iPad isn’t perfect, but it’s still miles ahead of Android – especially in terms of general performance/responsiveness (apps too, but that’s another story).


Maybe the dearth of info is because el Goog wants the new hardware (the Galaxy Nexus) to soak up the spotlight as long as possible? Most everything we know about ICS is from the Nexus launch event after all (and the SDK I guess).


If true, the fact that ASUS is reportedly delaying the Transformer 2 so it can launch w/ICS is a good sign they’re waiting to reveal the tablet goods...right? But why weren’t they working with ASUS earlier then if there are considerable optimizations, changes, etc.?


Or maybe they really haven’t done anything new to tablets, which would be a shame...I love my Xoom, but it’s so painfully in need of software optimization it’s not even funny (hello reloading widgets!). What do you guys think? Is tablet love on the way or we back on the waiting-for-the-next-version-of-Android train?