Tweetbot Review: An Insanely Great Twitter Client for iOS (Updates)

Update: Added a few additions to the review in settings and some quirks. 


I came came across Tweetbot by accident, actually. I've been looking for a new Twitter client for iOS, as I have been growing increasingly annoyed with the official Twitter app. Specifically, the search functionality being removed inversion 3.5. After searching through the Verge Forums and reading 5 Minutes on The Verge: John Gruber by Josh, I started considering Tweetbot by Tapbot. At first, I was resistant to purchasing a rather expensive app ($2.99). [Hey, I'm a kid with no allowance and uses the occasional iTunes gift card, so back of trolls.] The $2.99 was definitely worth it for an extremely great Twitter client.


Tweetbot is just gorgeous. It departures from the usual iOS app feel and that is a good thing. Sharp edges are definitely a nice departure from the usually rounded buttons. The app has a darker color tone than the official Twitter app.



Pressing on a Tweet reveals a set of controls to reply, RT, favorite, additional settings to post link copy, email and translate the tweet, and a more info button that allows you to see the exact time the tweet was sent, from what client, see attached media like photos, videos, and location (if available), and proceed to a person's profile. Again the official Twitter isn't has all these features, but not in a very elegant or initiative manner. One feature the official Twitter app doesn't have that Tweetbot has it shows other people's replies and RTs.



Tweetbot is gesture heavy. Sliding a tweet to the right will also show other people's replies to the tweet. Double tapping a tweet reveals more information about the tweet. Triple tapping a tweet is customizable. Options include Reply, RT, Favorite, and Translate.

Settings, Settings, Settings





Tweetbot provides you with numerous detailed settings that help you control your Twitter experience. Settings can be accessed by clicking on the user icon, clicking Accounts and Settings, and pressing Settings. There you will find settings for Sounds, Display (adjust the size of the text), Quote Format, Triple Tap, Post in Background. You can also find granular Notification settings which allows you to select what kind of notifications you receive. Accounts Settings allows you to choose your URL Shortening, Image Upload, Video Upload, and Read Later service.

Update: I just found the ability to show absolute time (exact time and date)  in Settings, instead of relative (how many minutes hours since the tweet was sent.) This is extremely useful when you are away from your device for long periods of time.





The Little Things

There are little things in Tweetbot that make it stand out from other Twitter clients.

  • See how many new tweets there are per refreshPhoto_202_png_medium


  • You can use lists to serve as your main timeline.
  • You have the ability to select the functionality of the last two buttons on the control bar do. Including search, favorites, RTs, Lists, Profile, Blocked accounts.
  • Ability to search your timeline.
Some quirks (update)
  • At first the design can be a little bit overwhelming. It takes a while to get use to it.
  • At times booting the app, can be sluggish. But after further comparison the official Twitter app suffers from the same lag.


Tweetbot is the best Twitter client for iOS out there. It has great features which set it apart from the competition. You should definitely consider purchasing this app, if you are looking for a new Twitter client.

Feel free to ask questions below.