In the lead-up to its annual Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update, Microsoft has announced it'll also be revamping the web portal over the next couple of days. Gone is "My Xbox" in favor of "Social" — though this is more of a symbolic gesture, as both sections largely serve the same function. The new "Social" section takes its design cue from Microsoft's new favorite Metro aesthetic and additionally offers an early look at Beacons, an upcoming Xbox Live feature that lets people "mark" what titles they want to play so as to alert friends without having to stay waiting in that game. In this limited form, you'll be able to set three active beacons with optional descriptions, which are visible to everyone immediately on both the website and through Windows Phone (via Xbox Live Requests). When big fall system update goes live, Xbox 360 owners will be alerted when friends are playing those titles and will be able to jump right in.

The other big addition is a web marketplace for Zune video content. While you won't be able to watch to watch from the website itself, much in the same way you can currently purchase games, users will be able to browse content and subsequently buy / rent movies and TV shows to watch later on your Xbox 360, Windows Phone device, or Zune player (hey, it could happen). Still no exact date for the Xbox 360 system update, other than "holiday 2011" — which, yes, is anytime between now and 2012. Check out a gallery of the new below!