Does anyone really want an uncharted 4 ? (spoilers)

I have just recently finished Uncharted 3: drakes deception and i was blown away with the games impressive visuals, its well rounded, interesting characters and its deep well written story. but the games ending left me to believe that there wont be another game, actually it wasn't just the ending it was the whole story its self. 



Thorough out the game the story keeps on questioning Why? why does drake do the things he does? why does he drag a 55 year old man in to risky and life threatening situations? Why? This question of why is central to this story, it makes Drake seem like he is just as bad as the actual antagonist of the series. it also helps you to understand the antagonist  Katherine Marlowe and her actions, as she is essentially a character foil for drake, she is like the more evil version of drake. taking large risks to get what she wants, she doesn't worries about the people she brings with her and what happens to them, she just want the prize at the end of the tunnel. this is the same with drake the only difference is that the prize at the end is different. 



There is one scene in chapter 21 that really rides this point that drake doesn't seem to understand that this is his fault for dragging people along with him on these insane quest just so he can do what he thinks is the right thing to do. this scene is the one where Talbot shoots sully, we see from this that Nate begins to understand that he has only really been thinking about him self for most of this journey and realises that his actions caused this to happen. Then there's the last scene with Marlowe, she's sinking in quicksand and is asking for drakes help. she tells him "earn this, as Francis earned this from Elizabeth, prove your greatness" as she is slowly sinking this the pivotal moment in drakes development where he finally understand what is true greatness and reply "I have nothing to prove". although he doesn't just leave and try to save her, which he fails. he also leave the ring to sink as well as it was a symbol of his ignorance and past mistakes.



From this ending I get the feeling that naughty dog was finished with the series and that drake had moved on from grand globe-trotting adventures with mystical treasures and lost city's with big bad consequences of the objects of desire got in to the wrong hands. i think that i would be very dissapointed in the team at naughty dog if they decide to make uncharted 4 or unkarted: drake racing ( maybe not so much unkarted ) but it feels that the drakes character as a whole was wrapped up nicely and presented as a nice x-mass present and that they cant really explore more in to him with out going in and making a prequel. oh that already happening with golden abyss