Lost articles and how I found them

The Verge has been my main source of tech news since its launch and I'm quite addicted. I tend to refresh until my F5 key is worn down. I like hanging around on the forums, so lets just say I've been navigating the site quite a bit.

So very much to my surprise I sometimes find articles in the "Recent Headlines" column that I somehow missed. That happened to me again today and I tried to locate them. It turns out that some articles never make it to the home page but are only published in the specific hubs. I never bothered with the hubs, since I simply want to scan all the articles, regardless of what topic they are on. If I don't like them, I'll skip over them anyway.

Since I've found this out, I've been trying to look for a way to get all the news without having to navigate through all the hubs. They seem to be on the RSS, but unfortunately that only has fairly few articles on it to begin with so if you're not logged on all the time, you will still miss things. And I don't find RSS the best solution anyway, since that won't work when I'm at my PC at work.

Am I the only person who missed these posts or am I just being crazy? Is this just unnecessarily complicated site navigation? Let me know what you think!

I'm also curious to see if I missed an option to see all the news instead of just the front page news?