Boxee Box Over-time review

I just received my boxee Box in the mail yesterday and instead of creating one review I figured I'd create this post and add to it after time and software updates. 


Upon first opening the box I was surprised by how small the Boxee Box was. I guess I had imagined it being bigger. Right away I loved the look of it. It goes extremely well with my Black Wood Tv Stand and Black TV, PS3 and White Samsung 1TB G3 HDD. Its a really nice piece of hardware and looks much better than my Google TV. I actually WANT to show off the boxee box instead of hide it away like I do my Logitech Revue. Inside the box were some manuals, Power brick , HDMI Cable and the Box itself. After 30 seconds or so I was hooked in and downloading the latest software update. After maybe 5 minutes, the system rebooted and I was asked to login and manually adjust the screen to fit. VERY VERY simple set up.The home screen is very simple yet very elegant, but much more simplified than the version on my Mac via the boxee software. 

I connected to the Internet and hooked in my Samsung External HDD which is loaded with a few hundred GB's of Movies and Music. This is the main reason I wanted the Boxee Box. I wanted an elegant way to watch my local content and after a scan of my Hard drive, I was off the races. My movies were display in A-Z order with Movie covers and all. My Music was the same. This was very pleasing as the PS3, while it was a great multimedia Player, it wasn't elegent or even quick to use. on the PS3 my Movies show up in a boring list that needs to be scanned every time you navigate away from the video section leaving you waiting for nearly 5 minutes to watch a movie. The boxee Box on the other hand scans at intervals you set  (in my case Once a day)  and content loads and plays right away. So Right away I was happy with the Boxee Box being as it played my local content very very well.

I Then opened up the Apps section and there is a ton a to choose from. From Sports, Netflix, the Engadget show, to Porn, its all their and it for the most part (at least with the apps I tried) plays well. Pandora is great for when I have company over and I loved the Revision 3 App for getting m Diggnation and Tekzilla on.


So first impression is good. I did have one freeze up. But nothing major. After I have used it a while I follow up. but already i can say that its much better than my Logitech revue and really makes my setup of Standard 80 channel cable, The PS3 (for Blue Ray,& Gaming), Samsung Led 40" 1080p TV, 30mbps Download/10 upload FIber network and Boxee Box a truly complete Solution. Much more complete than Apple TV, and Much more reliable that Google TV.