Desktop monitors have a bit of an upward struggle in distinguishing themselves these days, but LG's DX2500 makes an admirable effort. It's a 25-inch panel with parallax barrier 3D technology that's good enough to earn it TÜV Rheinland certification for being glasses-free. Acting as a followup to the company's 20-inch D2000, the DX2500 also features webcam-based head- and eye-tracking, which allows for the image to be adjusted to the viewer's position relative to the screen. That does limit the enjoyment of 3D visuals to either just one person or two who don't mind being intimately close to another, but we'd still take it over any of the glasses-based 3D display methods. The DX2500 also comes with a 2D-to-3D conversion option, so the relative scarcity of good 3D content shouldn't put you off too much. This new monitor's available now in South Korea for 1.29 million won (about $1,131) and will make its way to a worldwide release early next year.