Piracy in China, should Western companies just give up?

China has always been unable to safeguard intellectual property rights and it makes it excessively hard for Western brands to make a legal appearance. It's estimated that twenty percent of all consumer products in the Chinese market are counterfeit. There's a huge amount of brand devaluation going on, obviously, and there's no solution in sight. At the same time local manufacturers thrive on the brand recognition that has been built by others, which is unfair.

Will this ever change, or do we just have to accept that this is such a vastly different market and that it should be considered a loss? For now it seems the Chinese have to put up with using Google toiletpaper, or checking their Samsing phone whilst drinking some Johnnie Worker. Do you think they dip their Borio Cookies in milk as well?




(images courtesy of http://www.japemonster.com/, I originally posted this here on Google+)