New Camera

So. I want to buy a new camera. But here is the thing: I don't want an DSLR. I didn't know where to post this since i tought it was only for DLSR Type of people.


I want to buy a new camera. I will primary use it for Video Recording. Well my Galaxy Nexus does that already. It looks great but it's not good enough. (Well no smartphone actually) I will use it to record mostly indoors. Like my house but also an convention center (CES etc.) But if i can take photo's from time to time is also a must. I'm just a n00b in this type of stuff so don't expect anything professional.

Since Josh was talking about the so called $400 camera he was using to record the vergecast i thought: Hey that looks Pretty Nice. So $400 will be my budget.

So what camera should i get? A Camcorder and use my Galaxy Nexus for photo's? Or a compact camera (Sony-Hx9V etc.)

Hope you guys can help me out.