RED founder Jim Jannard goes off on Canon, Apple, and more

If you can say anything about Jim Jannard, it's that the man is not afraid to speak his mind. Here's the full text of a rant he posted on this morning, then promptly deleted. I'm guessing it's the tinfoil hat world economy stuff that prompted the deletion, because the rest is par-for-the-course, really. Can't say I disagree with anything either — except the whole world blowing up thing.

Full text:

I like what Adobe is doing.

I wonder about FCP8. What happened? FCP-X sucks times ten. REDCODE support might help a bit.

I like the Sony F65. It is so 4K.

I don’t understand Canon. I don’t like the C300. The announcement of the 4K DSLR seems to obsolete the 1DX and the C300. What was Canon thinking?

I don’t understand 1080P acquisition at all. This is so not future proof. It is such a waste of time, resources and effort.

I hate 3 foot lamberts in 3D. This is why we are doing a projector. OK… plus we have a bigger color space and simultaneous Right/Left eye.

3D sequencial- ReelD (alternating left and right eye) is a disaster. 3D simultaneous (right eye and left eye at the same time) is the answer.

I don’t understand why some are still doing RED in a film workflow. Come to the 20th century. Please.

RED is about budget. If you can afford an EPIC… buy one. If not, buy a Scarlet. If you can’t afford a Scarlet… wait.

The world economy is headed for disaster. If you can’t afford a camera… don’t buy one. If you can’t make money on a camera… don’t buy one. Especially don’t buy one that isn’t upgradeable. Rent.

Don’t borrow money unless you have an immediate return.

Life is short.