We've just received official word from Google about the Carrier IQ saga that has been blowing up the blogosphere today. In addition to confirming our report last night that Nexus devices do not include the software, Google also distanced itself from any responsibility for the tracking software:

We do not have an affiliation with CarrierIQ. Android is an open source effort and we do not control how carriers or OEMs customize their devices.

Increasingly, the story about Carrier IQ is turning into a story about where the blame lies. Two companies that actually have installed the software in some fashion — namely Apple and HTC — have either said they would remove it or would offer tools to customers to turn it off. RIM, Nokia, HP, and now Google also are distancing themselves from Carrier IQ. On the carrier front, Verizon has denied using the software, while Sprint says that it uses solely to "maintain network performance."  That is a lot of companies running away from Carrier IQ, whose own commissioned independent investigation into keystroke logging isn't likely to come soon enough to bring anybody back.