Apps which crash on Galaxy Nexus when "Force GPU Rendering" is on

Apps which crash or misbehave on ICS 4.0.1 on Galaxy Nexus with "Force GPU Rendering" on

Android ICS on the unlocked Galaxy Nexus GSM version has several settings in the Developer Options section. One which has gotten a lot of attention is "Force GPU rendering" This setting is captioned "Use 2D hardware acceleration in applications"

This offloads all/most graphics rendering to the GPU. The most obvious benefit from enabling this option is smoother scolling and animations.

Unfortunately some apps are having trouble with the setting.

Please comment with names and version of apps which give you trouble with the setting "ON" but perform correctly when you turn Force GPU rendering off.

Here's my list so far (Thursday Dec. 1st, 6:10pm eastern):

Square (crash)
PicSay Pro (crash)
Radiant Lite (plays music but blanks screen)
Tiny Tower (crash)

Problems reported but not reproduced by me:
IVoucher (nothing displayed)

Again, which apps have trouble when GPU rendering is on but do not have trouble when it is off?