We just got our first few minutes with the LG Nitro HD for AT&T, the carrier's first LTE phone with a 720p display. To show off the new 4.5-inch screen, the company has set up a little exhibit where you can see the difference in display resolution over "Brand X" (a Samsung Galaxy S II) via its skinned Android 2.3.5 camera app enjoying the view of a well-lit red Ducati. (The 8-megapixel sensor captures both 720p and "Full HD" 1920 x 1088 — not a typo.) All of the phone is very skinned, in fact. The view through the lens is admittedly much clearer and more detailed, though the colors don't seem to punch as much. Overall, the phone is fairly light. The entire back — plastic with a nice texture to it — pops off to reveal a removable 1830mAh battery.

Yes, there are only three capacitive buttons on the bottom — Home, Back, and Settings. The volume rocker on the left feels a bit small, at least in comparison to the size of the chassis. Both the 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB port reside on the top.

Fun fact: we just checked it for Carrier IQ, and sure enough, it's there — See for yourself.

There's a review unit in our bag and we'll definitely be reviewing this phone more in-depth. We're still playing around here, as well, but we thought it'd be best to go ahead and share some pictures.

Update: AT&T LTE in New York? Could it be? Don't get your hopes up yet, because the further we walk away from the unveiling event, the slower the speeds we're getting. It's quite possible AT&T set up a temporary LTE femtocell or something just for this event. We'll keep testing and let you know what we see.