Chrome version 15 doesn't let you pin web page icons to "most visited" screen


Do you use Google's Chrome Browser?

Have you noticed that in version 15 (most recent version as of Dec 2011), the new tab screen that shows you your most visited pages no longer lets you pin web pages so they don't get replaced.

If this makes you unhappy, and you'd like to let Google know, then please visit the code page for this issue and click the star in the top left. That's all you have to do to let Google know you miss your pins :D. So far this issue has 3 stars.

Here's a better description of the problem taken from the code page

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open new window
2. Look at "most visited pages" collection

What is the expected result?
Prior versions of Chrome let users pick which ones to display, among a Chrome-determined list of the most visited sites the user went to. In the newest Chrome builds, this feature has been removed.

What happens instead?
A shifting list of "most visited" pages - even when this shift may be temporary and not reflect true user preferences.