Using the Blackberry Podcast app

I might be stating something that most of you already know but I wanted to talk about it because it was a surprise to me.

After my mp3 player broke, I was wondering what I was going to do about listening to podcasts. I needed something that downloaded automatically new episodes, keeps track of where you left off if you stopped listening.

I was using a Zune 120GB and the Zune PC software for that before. I went that way a couple of years ago after really hating my experience with iTunes and the older iPod Classic. Zune is often ridiculed, but in the podcast space, it really worked well for me.

Now I was wondering if i was going to get an iPhone or an Android Galaxy Nexus as my next phone and asking myself how podcasts would work on those (to me on android it wasn't clear how i would do it).

Then I realised that I totally forgot about the Blackberry Podcast app that RIM made. I had to contact my mobile provider to unlock internet access to make it work but knew it could be set up to download only when connected to wi-fi.

When you look for podcasts in the channels already set up by the app, you get a lot of feeds that are outdated by a couple of months. I was ready to dismiss the app altogether but I tried to input RSS feeds manually and at that point I got exactly what I wanted.

I really like how I get a notice on the phone when a new episode is available. I also found that the MUTE button on top of my bold served as a PLAY/PAUSE button when listening to a podcast (or music). I was really suprised of how good the podcast support was on that phone. I was carrying (and syncing) an mp3 player on me all the time for nothing !

Blackberries have fallen behind in some areas but they still have a lot of things they do really well. I just waned to share this with other BB users that might have overlooked this feature like I did for a couple of years.