Are there any serious Mac OS X coders in here?

I've had an idea bouncing around in my head for a while now, and am thinking about starting a kickstarter project to fund it. The main impediment is that I only know a small bit of coding on OSX myself, and would definitely need help getting the project rolling. Without saying too much, I want to bring to Mac users a service that Apple does not offer, and which I believe most would be willing to pay for. As time rolls on, I actually believe that my project would be more successful if done right, and be bought by more people. The main thing is that I want my program to slot into OSX as though it were built by Apple. I want it to integrate: functionality-wise, design-wise, performance-wise. Maybe even to the point to which Apple might say "Hmmmm".

So, any serious OSX coders on TheVerge?