Just because the Kindle Touch isn't Android-based doesn't mean that it wouldn't be fun and potentially useful to gain root on it. Developer Yifan Lu has managed to do just that and has released the jailbreak tool for the e-reader in a format that might surprise you: an mp3 file. It turns out that the Kindle Touch's operating system is slightly different from previous Kindles in that it uses significantly more HTML in its UI instead of Java, which apparently means that — for now — it's much easier to exploit. Lu was able to put the rooting commands in the ID3 comment tag of an mp3 file, complete with a "jailbroken' splash screen.

What do you get for jailbreaking your Kindle Touch? Right now, little more than the deep satisfaction of knowing that you've done it and the hope that developers will being creating jailbreak apps — although Lu has provided a screensaver modification to get you started. Hit up the source link for the full breakdown of how the jailbreak was discovered.