If you missed out on the original HP TouchPad fire sale but still want to get in on the webOS action after HP announced its open source move, it's not too late. As originally leaked by TechCrunch, the company is putting refurbished units for sale on its eBay store this evening. Just like the first time around, the 16GB unit costs $99 while the 32GB version runs $149. HP is also offering a $79 accessory bundle which includes a case, charging dock, and Bluetooth keyboard. Customers will be limited to purchasing two each.

Sales will be limited to two per person and HP is only offering a 90-day warranty on the devices. HP employees were supposed to get first-crack at the deal, but obviously the leak put the kibosh on that. The page is live now on eBay, but we expect it will only be available in limited quantities, so get clicking if you're interested — we're just hoping eBay's servers will be able to handle load a little better than HP's did the last time around. 

Update: the 16GB version appears to be sold-out already, but the 32GB is still available as of this writing.