Girl With The Dragon Tatoo: Great Soundtrack, or Greatest Soundtrack?

Okay, I must admit, I've yet to actually listen to it; the FLACs are downloading as we speak, though, and just the fact that they're selling it directly in digital lossless formats gets me salivating. And the other day I broke flash on my main desktop computer (long story, in theory it's even reinstalled but . . . well . . . if there was ever one thing I actually agreed with Steve Jobs about . . .) so I've only watched that collage somewhat stutteringly on my cellphone . . .

But . . .

Coming from these two (with Karen O providing vocals, even), I can't imagine it's anything other than brilliant.

Creating Ghosts I-IV

Well, looks like the download just finished, so I'm off to lie down as close to my soundsystem as possible. In the meantime, what do the rest of the Vergeratti think of the soundtrack?

For convenience, here's the trailer with the cover of Immigrant Song embedded, in case anyone is in doubt of the potential greatness at stake here: