Make a HDD with 5 bootable ghost image partitions

I believe this is the right forum category. This issue I am having has tired me out because I cant get it to work with different ideas I have been trying.

But here is what I have 1 x USB 80gb HDD, 5 x ISO images that contain a ghost image that when booted off of the disk loads up giving a count down to a ghost reload, after the count down it starts ghosting.

What I want to do is get rid of the CD/DVD Disks and make it faster and easiy to carry by having them all on 1 USB HDD disk and able to update.

What I have done. I have made all the real disks into ISO's. Split the 80gb hdd into 6 partitions, 1 for OS to work with, 5 other sized for the individual ISO/ghost files.

Problem, I cant get it to boot when I was playing with the ISO images

here is what is in the ISO (just one iso for example)

- name.GHS
- name.GHO

I am using windows 7 ultimate to set the drive up, but will not be using the os after its setup. what program should I use or do you have any suggestions on what to do.

thank you,