Galaxy Nexus Headphone jack placement

Hey everyone,

I've seen in several reviews talk about the placement of the headphone jack on the Galaxy Nexus as somewhat unusual, being on the bottom of the phone. I even remember one review with a line such as "as if you would keep the phone upside down."

Now, I don't have the phone yet, so I'm curious to hear what other people thing. But, wouldn't having it on the bottom make much more sense than on top? Isn't it much more natural to hold the phone in your hand and then place it into your pocket upside down, without moving the phone around. I usually listen through headphones when the phone is in my pocket, and on my droid x it's more unnatural because I am constantly turning the phone around taking it in/out of my pocket.

I know this is just a minute detail, but while waiting for Verizon to finally release this I've been thinking about it. Do most owners like the placement? Is it actually a sensible location as I think it is?