While connected TV players may not be mainstream (just look at the poor Logitech Revue), it looks like the market may be picking up steam. A new study of 5,000 people across the US and Europe by Strategy Analytics found that sales of the internet-enabled set-top boxes more than doubled this year to approximately 12 million units worldwide. They've also surmised that eight percent of all American households (compared to seven percent in Europe) have the devices. The Apple TV seems to be winning the category, however: it's said in the report that 32 percent of the market is represented by the device (though the Xbox 360 and PS3 aren't being counted). The researchers also found that 30 percent of Apple TV users rented TV shows or movies, compared to 20 of those with other connected TV players. Encouraging numbers or not, we're expecting to see a flood of connected TVs at CES come January.