We didn't know much about the Pantech P4100 before it hit the FCC yesterday, and while we still don't have a ton to go on, the filing does reveal the tablet as a suitable fit for AT&T's network. With LTE support for bands 4 and 17, the P4100 also features 850 / 1900 3G frequencies, meaning it would be right at home on Ma Bell's airwaves. We'd also like to believe that a Pantech-branded device would be priced significantly lower than both the carrier's original LTE tablet offering, the HTC Jetstream, which commands a staggering $599 on-contract, and the more recent Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, available for $479.99 after the same two-year agreement. Still, we've learned time and again that a few mere tests at the FCC don't guarantee a US release, and the presence of LTE band 5 (which isn't utilized by AT&T) adds a bit of intrigue to the story.

The P4100 was originally uncovered back in September, when PocketDroid received NenaMark scores that showed the Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet as having a 1024x720 resolution and being powered by a 1.5Ghz MSM8260 processor with Adreno 220 graphics.