A (very?) niche technology site


Dear Vergeoise,

Can you help me out? As some of you may have realised, I love to write. I love action sports. Also, not really surprising posting here, I love technology. Combining content, action sports and technology together I would like to create a new website. I am in the very early stages so really would like to see what your great minds think of some of my ideas.

The name and logo. I quite like tekxtre.me. I originally had tekxtreme.com until a friend suggested the shorter .me. Do you think the very simplistic logo is good enough? Ignore the background, that's just from the holding page (inspired by the last On The Verge).

Content. News: Here I would likely be linking to tech blogs such as The Verge, or relying heavily on press releases. I am not sure if there is any value in doing this? I have a huge question mark over this part of the site.

Content. Reviews: Software - Apps for things such as piste maps, speed tracking, force monitoring, sport specific apps etc. Reviews: Hardware - Head-to-head reviews of devices such as headcams, GPS units and the like.

Users. I have the biggest uncertainty about this part. I would love to set up forums, user accounts (with ability to link FB, Twitter G+ etc), user based reviews of products and so on. However, I don't know if a niche site would have the the kind of user base to justify the large amount of effort this requires?

Money. This is too niche to think about making money. I think I will likely run this ad-lite or ad-free. As long as running the site costs me little I don't care about making money.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Do you have any ideas I could integrate or think any of these ideas are bad?