Some Questions about WP7

I have a few questions about WP7 and I was wondering if some WP7 users could help me out. I'm a Nexus S user and I'm considering switching to the HTC Radar. (I'm hoping that T-mobile gets the Lumia 800 rather than 710 but I doubt the rumors are wrong on this one) ...

I am wondering what the notifications are like on WP7.5 ? I haven't seen any videos showing the notifications system, and I'm wondering if they have something similar to the drop down bar of Android and now IOS? I know that notifications go to the live tiles, but what if you get a notification when you're in an app? Do you just not see it till you go back to the home screen? What if you get a notification for an app that isn't pinned to the start screen? Do you just not see that notification till you jump into the app?

My second question is, I've seen videos for NoDo where the status bar showing the time persisted throughout whatever app you were using. In other words the time and signal strength etc. was alway in the bar at the top of the screen. But it seems like in WP7.5 the status bar isn't always there. Can you confirm that this change happened? Also, if this is the case, doesn't it drive you crazy not always having those two indicators in the status bar ?

Thanks for any input you can give on this!