Want to buy a new Android phone ,, can you help?

Hey guys,,

One month ago i made the mistake of buying HTC Titan.

Coming from SGS1, after a year of absolute enjoyment, moving to an amazingly well designed WP7, but sadly almost useless compared to iOS and Android.

Anyways, I am now searching for an Android phone to buy as I can no longer continue using WP7.

The thing is im no longer intersted in 4.7" phones, large phones are no longer appealing to me (blame the Titan)

I still want a nice screen, just not large one, I also want a good quality phone or what feels like one, so this is why i rolled out SGS II, dont get me wrong ,, it just doesnt feel so well made.

I tried the Sensation, but the screen is not up to standard, RAZR is too big, and the amazing Galaxy Nexus is big for my taste .

Can you please advice ?

Sorry for my brutal honesty :)