Content. Content, content and content.

There are no prizes for guessing the subject of this post, it's about content. I was tossing and turning for hours last night, unable to sleep. I ended up firing up my PS3 to see if I could find something to watch and ideally fall asleep in front of the tele. During this hunt for content I had some thoughts, there is nothing quite like sleep-deprivation for creating late night ramblings, I thought I'd share mine.


Local and Network Media

The PS3 has good support for the common video formats. I started off going through the latest PlayStation Access, a Sony UK produced weekly video about all things PlayStation. This is saved locally on the PS3 HDD. I then checked my media PC through my PS3, the PS3 has full UPnP support and programmes like PS3 Media Server allow transcoding for the less common formats too.


Web Video

Having exhausted my local video I moved onto the web. A web browser with Flash is actually surprisingly handy. With nothing new on YouTube I navigated to blinkbox. A lot of UK based PS3 users are totally unaware that blinkbox has a PS3 optimised version of their site. Even after a few episodes of Chuck and The Big Bang Theory I was no closer to sleep, I carried on...


Music and Music Video

Of course there is Music Unlimited. I am a Spotify subscriber though. On the PS3 there is also Vidzone, I really love VidZone. For those unaware it's a really cool PS3 application that has a massive library of music videos available free of charge (ad-supported). The music however proved too stimulating, if anything I was more awake, yet again I moved on...


Television - Catch Up

I rarely watch live television. I have an awesome 1 TB TiVo box that takes care of everything for me. The PS3 is not without its television merits, it has catch-up streaming for all of the major UK terrestrial channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4). I had a quick flick through these to see if there was anything my TiVo had missed. Let's not forget that almost everywhere outside North America the PS3 can also be used to view and record live television, PlayTV for Europe/Rest of world and Torne for Japan.


Film and Cinema

I finally decided only a film would send me to sleep But where do I start? Of course I could go back to my web browser and use blinkbox. The PlayStation Store has a huge range of films to rent but they aren't cheap, a sacrifice for getting the latest blockbusters. Mubi - a real favourite of mine and perhaps the best place to discover independent and international cinema. Then there is LoveFilm, I have a subscription and make great use of this too. Netflix is coming to the UK, likely within weeks, that's even more content.

I ended up watching The Pianist as I had never seen the film in its entirety. Wow, it's good - but also quite long. It engaged me for the entire length, finally it ended and I passed out.


My Point

I am actually trying to make a point with all of this. I actually bought the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player. I then started to game on the PS3 and now it seems to act as my content providing portal. This isn't a fan-boy comment, I realise the Xbox 360 has media capability too.

People say that in the future we will have internet televisions, but aren't we already there? TV in the traditional sense hasn't gone away quite yet, but through my little PS3 I have access to a gigantic resource - millions of hours of music, video, film and the like. It hadn't previously occurred to me that the "internet" age of video content is already upon us.