LightSquared's proposed LTE network has been met with strong opposition from the FCC due to the network's spectrum potentially interference with GPS receivers. The company's now trying to bargain its way to approval through additional testing and by postponing and eliminating a few planned network power boosts.

In a memo submitted to the FCC on Monday, LightSquared asked for testing and approval on the upper 10MHz of its network from the National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT Excomm). One of the agency's main charges is to provide uninterrupted availability of PNT services, so LightSquared is asking it to look into whether this spectrum will truly interfere with GPS devices.

LightSquared is also planning to postpone by one year (to January 2016) an increase in power on the ground from -30dBm to -27dBm; additionally, a proposed bump to -24dBm in 2017 is being eliminated entirely. Whether or not additional testing and reduced power demands will increase LightSquared's chances at gaining approval remains to be seen, but the company must be reasonably confident if its willing to open itself up to scrutiny from yet another government agency.