The good news is that the white version of Motorola's outrageously thin Droid RAZR will be available for purchase tomorrow, December 15th, online and in Verizon stores for $299.99 on contract — and as before, Verizon will be offering $100 off the purchase of a Droid Xyboard if you get the two devices as a combo. Now, the bad news: Verizon still hasn't announced availability of the Galaxy Nexus, widely speculated (most recently) to be launching tomorrow as well. There are any number of possibilities here — Verizon could've pushed the Galaxy Nexus to make room for the Droid RAZR, or the Galaxy Nexus could still be launching at the same time — although it's awfully strange that there wouldn't be any press release on the wires for it at this point. We'll keep you updated as we hear more.