An internal Intel memo issued Wednesday has revealed the company's plans to form a new business unit that will roll up four existing divisions into a single "mobile and communications group," according to CNN Money — a source told CNN that the company's goal is to ramp up competition in the mobile market where it has lagged behind competitors like ARM with several false starts in the past few years. The restructuring will combine the mobile communications, netbook and tablet, mobile wireless, and ultra mobility divisions, and Intel has tapped Mike Bell and Hermann Eul, two existing Intel executives, to lead the new unit. Intel's been spinning its wheels in the mobile space for some time, and this restructuring may be the first step toward 

While Intel is working on lower-powered chips to compete with ARM in mobile devices, ARM is busy moving in on Intel's turf: Microsoft said that Windows 8 is "equally at home on ARM and on x86," and ARM-based Windows devices are expected in 2012. And with AMD refocusing their x86 efforts around low-power mobile devices, Intel won't be lacking in competition. 

We've reached out to Intel for comment and we'll let you know when we receive confirmation of the move.