This is the next: Apple keynote

When is the next Apple keynote going to be? Share your thoughts!

I will begin:

I think, they will hold a keynote in spring about music. It is the part of Apple, which we did not hear very much recently. This year, there were only price drops on iPod's and I seriously hope that Apple is about to rethink their iPod nano, because I hate the multi-touch. They are just boosting their iPod touch sales and making more revenue - these little geniuses at Cupertino...

The iPad 3 needs to rush, some serious competition is building up (ASUS...), but it will be a sensation, if they manage to get it ready in spring. In consideration that they have managed to get the iPad 2 out just nine months after the iPad 1, I believe that they are going to return to their original plan of announcing an iPad every year at WWDC.

iPhone 5, no doubt, is not going to be reality till summer-fall 2012.

How about AppleTV? This is the unpredictable area...

So, what do you think?