Am I extra sensitive to lag or was something wrong with the floor model? (Galaxy Nexus)

So all the reviews are talking about how the Galaxy Nexus is completely lag free, finally on par with iOS and WP7. This had me really excited. I sold my Nexus S in the spring because I just couldn't handle the laginess of the phone/OS (especially the browser and keyboard). With that said I was pretty excited about the Galaxy Nexus when reviewers started talking about how it's smoothness and fluidity finally matched iOS.

Flash forward to dec. 8th, it's release date in Canada. I went buy a Best Buy on my lunch to give it a try. My first test was to open up the settings menu and try flicking it around a bit unfortunately the floor model had the settings menu locked out. So my next test was to try out the keyboard. I opened the messaging app and was immediately disappointed. I had almost no difficulty outpacing the keyboard. In some cases the keyboard lagged so far behind my taps that I was actually able to notice the keystroke not register, go back and re tap that key, then have bot letters pop up in quick succession. With common words that I can tap really fast (like "the") I was able to make the keyboard skip letter without fail.

I also noticed the app drawer would consistently lag for a few frames (running at what seemed to be less than 10fps) before settling in and animating fluidly. I also managed to find a settings menu in one of the apps since I couldn't access the main settings (I think it was the camera app) and flicking it produced the typical 3 or 4 frames of heavy stuttering followed by a smoothed animation.

All in all I was pretty disappointed.