Google+, a new way of following the web


I said in my first post on that Google failed in the attempt in building a successful social media. It was immature of me to say such things when I hadn't explored the platform very thoroughly. After a month or so of actually using Google+, still exploring, I got to say that Google+ is great.

I don't know about others' opinion on the complete new design throughout Google's "product line", but I like it, UI wise. I like the fact that the whole UI in Google's products, while maintained simple and elegant, looks less "cheap" as before, and the kind of textured menu bar at the top looks great. And I also like the fact that I don't have ads on my home page on G+, which is kind of annoying on Facebook, although Facebook tries to keep it contained on the right side of the page, only occupying the very top of that area. I'm not saying I don't like the design of Facebook. I do like it, because like Google, Facebook keeps it simple and easy to navigate through your content. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that, in terms of UI, Google+ looks absolutely not bad compared to any social media I've used, which are mainly Facebook and Twitter (and I don't want to get into the discussion about the new design of the Twitter client).

Of course UI is not the only reason why I spent most of "social" life on G+ now. Although I failed to interest anyone in my "Friend" circle to move from other platform to G+, I'm having a lot of fun. Most of, or I should say almost the entire of, the content I enjoy on the G+ comes from my "Following" circle, which mainly consists of people I follow on twitter, who happen to think that G+ is also a good place to share stuff, such as theverge, Chris Pirillo, etc. Sometimes I think that it's the lack of Facebook friends, who, like many of my good friends in real life, are not as into electronics and its related technology as I do, on G+ that makes it a better place for spending my leisure time. It makes G+ more focused for me on the stuff I care about, and kind of filtered out the gibergaber that I don't really care about shared on Facebook, like what someone had for dinner, or some coffee place you think is great. I still go to Facebook and occasionally check these things, but it's not the focus of my time online. Twitter is similar in the sense of being focused. I guess the difference between G+ and twitter is that contents in G+ are organized in a more dynamic way than on twitter, since you have previews of pictures and videos can be viewed right from the page, without another click. At times when I want to quickly look through what's going on on the web today, I'll go to twitter, more likely the app, instead of the website, but if I want to have more preview of the posts in my stream before I read or watch anything, G+ would be my choice.

There are more stuff, good or bad that I'll discover with more time spent on the site, later. But I will say this now, I like Google+ more than I liked Google Buzz or Orkut. We'll see.