High School's IT guy is a jerk.

Sorry, I just needed to rant about how much of a jack*** this guy is.

So the Computer teacher asked me and five other students to go help the IT guy set up about 50 new HPs for the Media Center. So we get down there and we first remove the 10 year old HPs and start setting up the new ones. The new ones are HPs too. They have a Pentium CPU, 3GB of RAM, a 200GB HDD, and Windows 7. What do you except? They probably only cost the school ~$300.

Here is some back story before I go on what ****ed me. The school always buys computers without an OS because they always just install Windows XP SP3 anyway. Yes, I know. XP. So now that you know some back story, let's get back to the story.

I booted up the first computer and missed the install OS from Network command and to my amazement, I saw Windows 7 boot! Then I asked the guy an honest question. "Why don't we just keep Windows 7 on these instead of downgrading to the ten year old XP? If you don't keep Windows 7, you'd be paying extra for an OS you wouldn't use." I thought I asked an honest question. His response? "I don't have to answer you." I was amazed at how much of a jerk someone could be to someone helping him do his job for free. I just walked away and back to the Computer class (someone else decided to join me). I didn't feel like I should help a jerk.

I told the computer teacher what happened and she agreed with me walking away. "If he can't answer your question without being rude than he doesn't deserve your help." I would have been okay if he just lied and gave me some **** answer (How would I know if he lied by saying something like "you can't access the network drives in 7"), but acting as if I didn't even deserve to be in his presence is another thing all together.

This isn't the first time he was a jerk too. He lied to the yearbook teacher by saying if Windows 7 was kept on their new computers (that they paid for; not the school.), they couldn't use the school's Adobe Suite vital to making the yearbook. The Computer teacher told me that was her CareerTech license that the yearbook class uses, not the school's, so he lied and Adobe could have been installed because he would've had no say in it, only my computer teacher would have.

So if any of my fellow Vergians read through all of this, I want to hear your opinion on this story and who was in the right.

-Christopher Malone