Xyboard. It’s a portmanteau that could mean a number of things: a skateboarding robot, a xylophone mashed up with a keyboard, maybe even a science fiction novel about a xenophobic cyborg named Board. But sadly, the Xyboard, or at least the one of 2011, isn’t any of those crazy things — it’s just Verizon’s wacky name for its new family of Motorola tablets. However, don’t let that diminish your interest: the Xyboard 8.2 and 10.1 may just be LTE variants of the European Xoom 2, but they aim to right the wrongs of Motorola’s original Xoom, which launched exclusively on Verizon almost a year ago. The 8.2- and 10.1-inch tablets have thinner designs, better cameras, IPS displays, 1.2GHz processors, IR blasters for controlling your TV, and LTE baked inside (let’s not rehash the Xoom’s nightmare upgrade process). But, they again have high price tags: the 10.1 starts at $529.99 and the 8.2 at $429.99, both requiring a two-year contract. That's pricey indeed, but do the Xyboards at least correct the issues of Motorola's original tablet? Or is this a similar story of Xoom and gloom for both Motorola and Verizon? Read on for my full review.