In the last full week of November, Chrome 15 overtook Internet Explorer 8 as the world's most popular browser version with 23.6 percent compared to IE8's 23.5 percent, according to StatCounter. Part of this has to do with more people using Google's browser at work — StatCounter's daily stats show Chrome beating out IE8 on weekends since October, but during the week of December 5th, it finally pulled ahead for weekday use as well. Of course, when you lump the browser versions together, IE still comes out on top at 40 percent with Chrome and Firefox jockeying for second place around 25 percent. Google doesn't benefit from the Voltron effect when combining versions because it uses mandatory automatic updating, so almost everyone using Chrome is on version 15 — that isn't the case with Internet Explorer and, to a lesser extent, Firefox. We'll see if Chrome continues to win, or if Mozilla's campaign to crush the competition with adorableness has any effect.