LTE Galaxy Nexus Car Dock questions.

I had a VZW Galaxy Nexus ordered today for overnight delivery to replace my Evo 4G. ( I am switching carriers) When I was looking to buy a Car Dock, I found a highly marginal dock that looks like it doesn't use the pogo connectors and slips over the phone like a belt clip would. It has cut outs for a USB charger to fit through. I much preferred the accessories that I had seen here on this site.


The LTE phone is slightly thicker, than the GSM, but was wondering if anyone here had tried the Samsung GSM Car Dock with the LTE model and if so did the phone fit and charge properly?



If you have tried it and you do know that they fit, do you have a location or link to purchase this model of the Car Dock?

Video of non Verizon Wireless Car Dock:

Genuine Samsung Galaxy Nexus Vehicle Dock - ECS-K1F2BEGSTD (via MobileFunTV)