If you've been longing to have an Android clock radio in your life, look no further than the Archos 35 Home Connect. Archos introduced this seemingly Chumby-inspired device way back in June, and now it's finally available for $149.99. That'll buy you a 3.5-inch touchscreen surrounded by two stereo speakers, a 1GHz process, 4GB of storage, and a heavily skinned version of Android 2.2. The alarm clock and music playback are the main features Archos is highlighting here, along with 50,000 streaming radio channels through the TuneIn app, but there's also weather, email, traffic, and video playback apps included. What you don't get is access to the Android Market — you're saddled with Archos' obscure AppsLib, though you can also sideload programs. While this may be a clever idea, we can't help but think you're better off pairing your Android device with any number of Android speaker docks that are on the market.