HTC Flyer WiFi (16GB): Is it a great value now?

Sooo In my constant struggle for which 7inch Tablet to buy.. there is a new twist in the game.

When the HTC flyer was first reviewed by Joanna (and at other sites) it was found to be great hardware but it was only running 2.2 or 2.3 at the time...and it was about $500. Obviously not a great value.

But now...

The Flyer is getting honeycomb 3.2 in the next couple of weeks and at best buy it is only 299.

It still comes with front and rear facing cameras and 1GB of ram and a 1.5 snapdragon and expandable SD slot. Now granted.. Sense leaves a lot to be desired..but does android 3.2 fixes that problem?

It seems like the new conditions make it a great value. You get more functionality than a kindle fire/nook tab for a slight price increase.. but it isnt as pricey as the Galaxy tab 7 plus.

So should it be reconsidered as a player in the 7 inch tab game?

Steve T.

It would be great if Joanna or someone from the team could comment in addition to the rest of verge nation.