If you're about to give up and just get that gamer on your list a gift card, Corsair thinks it has the answer for you. The company's first entries into the gaming peripheral market — called the Vengeance line — are now shipping from its website and from other retailers, too. That line includes the K90 ($129) and K60 ($109) keyboards as well as the M90 ($79) and M60 ($69) mice. The K60 and M60 are designed for players of first-person shooters: the K60 features user-replaceable curved and textured WASD buttons, and the M60 has a 5700 dpi sensor that can be lowered using a "sniper" button to make the mouse temporarily less sensitive (read: easier to control). The K90 and M90, meanwhile, are made for MMO and real-time strategy enthusiasts. The K90 backlit keyboard has 18 dedicated and customizable macro keys and the M90 has 15 buttons (nine programmable) in all. If you were waiting for those three gaming headsets that Corsair announced alongside these peripherals back in September, you're going to be disappointed to find out that they're not going to make it in time for the holidays.   

Update: It looks like Corsair is selling its gaming headphones as well now. You can find the Vengeance 11001300, and 1500 at the source link.