iTunes Match Worth It?

I was excited for Apple's iTunes Match service when they announced it, and now that it's been out for a while, I've been keeping track to see how others think it is. One of the complaints is that it's not worth the money; however, that baffles me.

For a mere $2 per month, your entire iTunes music collection is either matched/uploaded to Apple's servers, making every song available to download directly from your iOS devices. It also syncs playlists between devices.

It basically is a "tax" to have access to music that you've already purchased everywhere, but the cheap price tag doesn't make it less appealing, in my opinion. I don't have near 20,000 songs, and I have a good bit of music I have from CD's. I recently switched computers, and for some reason, iTunes isn't cooperating with syncing my music manually. I've been mulling over whether or not I'm going to pull the trigger just to put this syncing headache behind me.

So I'm curious - what do you think of iTunes Match? Is the price tag too high to make it worth it?

(Side note: there's no true streaming, correct? Just simultaneous playing and downloading, after which the song remains on your device? I've seen confusing articles that say "streaming" and others that say simultaneous playing/downloading.)