Google just announced Android 4.0.3 on its developer blog, which not only includes "optimizations and bug fixes for phones and tablets," but adds some new API hooks for developers to work with Ice Cream Sandwich's social stream, calendar, camera, and accessibility features. The 4.0.2 update hit the Verizon Galaxy Nexus just yesterday, so Google is obviously on a breakneck pace here. Even more interestingly, Google is calling this the "base version" of Ice Cream Sandwich that third parties will be pushing out on "production phones and tablets in the weeks ahead," so now app developers have a nice juicy target to hit when Ice Cream Sandwich spreads beyond the Galaxy Nexus. Motorola actually said a week ago it was waiting on a release to "enable device manufacturers to ship commercial product with ICS," which is exactly what this sounds like. The update hasn't hit any of our Nexuses yet, and since this is a developer-focused release, we're not sure how soon it will, but we'll keep you posted.