Anyone else disappointed that the second ever On the Verge was wasted on John Gruber?

I'm kind of digging the new format of the show with Josh as host but I was incredibly disappointed that they used up an interview segment on John Gruber so early in the life of the show.

I can understand the temptation to do it. Since the Verge gang write about technology, it is easy to think of other people who write about technology as being particularly important or interesting, but I think that when reviewers start reviewing other reviewers it always devolves into a big circle jerk navel gazing. Imagine if Hollywood and entertainment reporters started interviewing other Hollywood and entertainment reporters just because they were famous and celebrities...

I would much, much rather hear from people who are imagining and creating new things, or who are bringing those new things to the public. Lets hear about big dreams and big ideas, not about how it's cool to write for a web site.