It took "months of negotiating," but Time Warner Cable and HBO Go have finally come to terms (literally) and the streaming video app will be available to TWC customers "in the next month." The small wait comes thanks to a "brief beta trial" that both companies apparently feel is necessary, after which any TWC customer who subscribes to HBO will have access to the service. TWC says that the service will be available on computers, the iPad, and "a host of other devices," but we'll have to wait and see if that language means that devices like the Roku will be included.

The wait for TWC customers might be nearly over, but the wait for customers who don't subscribe to cable at all still looks interminable. HBO appears to be committed to only offering the service to current subscribers. Cutting the cable still has its costs when it comes to unfettered, easy, and legitimate access to content — especially HBO's 1,400 titles.