Sony just told us it's chopping $50 off the price of the Tablet S until December 31st, and that's not the only improvement to the slate today: we just got an over-the-air update that adds support for the PlayStation 3's wireless controllers, among other things. Unfortunately, you have to have a proprietary cable ($13.99) to initially pair the controller (as we quickly found out when we tried to jury-rig a connection ourselves), but even if you don't pay for the privilege of DualShock controls in the likes of Shadowgun there are other important things in the changelog. For one, we personally noticed the tablet's a lot better at re-connecting to Wi-Fi after going to sleep for a while, and Sony also says GPS and user notifications have gotten better too. There's also Sony's Party Streaming functionality if you've got a multi-zone DLNA speaker setup, like Sony's HomeShare series. All in all, we can't think of a reason not to download the 18MB update.

Update: Upon further testing, we're still having trouble with Wi-Fi disconnecting, and we're wondering if our successes earlier were a fluke.

Thanks, Eric Green!