What's Your Data Usage?

First, a little backstory as to where I'm coming from.

I've got a few months left before my current contract with Verizon is up (using OG Droid) and am trying to plan ahead as to where to go next. I was recently married, and my wife and I are currently on separate plans with Verizon. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on my phone and my wife does not. I was told by a Verizon rep earlier that if my wife and I were to move to a family plan that only my line would be eligible for the unlimited data. This would leave me with having to get a separate capped plan for my wife. So I'm not worried so much for my line but more for hers.

She is wanting a Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Nexus and would have moderate data usage. By this, I mean to say that she will be using apps like Twitter, GMail for some light emailing, a browser for light surfing and maybe occasionally something like Spotify or Pandora.

I've used the calculator on Verizon's website as well as the ones with T-Mobile and AT&T and tried to compare and find a happy medium but they all work a little differently and that's why I'm coming to you all for help.

As it stands currently, it seems as though 2Gb of data might be sufficient for what my wife would be doing. We have WiFi most places we go to and she would be at home most frequently where we definitely have WiFi. Still, I would like to hear from you about your data usage.

  • How are you using your phones? (apps, email, social, streaming)
  • Are you on WiFi more often than not?
  • Roughly, how much data do you seem to be using per month?
  • Also, have you had any experience trying to add a new line to an existing grandfathered unlimited data plan?
  • Lastly, what are your thoughts on making a move from Verizon to say, Sprint, who still offers a true unlimited data plan? (Or other carrier suggestions, with phones comparable to a Nexus S or Galaxy S/S2)