The Galaxy Tab 10.1N is the offspring of the unholy patent war that has been raging between Apple and Samsung through most of this year. Apple's belief that Samsung's products are copying its designs found support in Germany, where a court injunction forbid the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung's response has been to carefully redesign its Android tablet just enough to appease the German judiciary. Has it succeeded?

Apple's still not happy and has lodged another complaint about the 10.1N, which didn't follow the suggestion out of Cupertino to become fatter, uglier, and "more cluttered" just to be different. Samsung's subtle change has been to introduce a new metal border to the front of the display, which wraps in from the side and also plays host to a pair of vertically aligned speakers. Pretty much everything else looks and feels exactly as with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that's on sale outside of Germany. That one small alteration, however, means that Samsung no longer has a glass surface covering the entire front of its tablet, and edge-to-edge glass is an important part of the design Apple is arguing Samsung has infringed upon. The hearing to decide the 10.1N's fate is set for December 22nd. Browse through the gallery below and see what you think — would you ever confuse this 10-inch tablet for an iPad 2?