Smart TVs already allow you to Skype and stream content from your computer, but Warpia has a solution for those of us who aren't ready to upgrade our HDTVs quite yet. It's called the ConnectHD SWP400VC, and it essentially lets you use your TV as a wireless monitor while also providing a wireless 720p webcam and microphone. After hooking that module up to your TV via HDMI, you plug a wireless USB adapter into your Windows PC and install the proper software. The duo then allows you to Skype or stream movies and online content in 1080p — provided it's within an unobstructed 30-foot range. Warpia also says it would be good for gaming, but we'll have to check it out for ourselves at CES to see if the latency and framerates are any better than the solutions we've seen before. The ConnectHD SWP400VC is up for preorder right now for $199.99, and shipping should begin on December 23rd.