Looking for a set of cheap Flash triggers, any suggestions?

The Need:

I'm a studio and outdoor photographer. Up until recently, I've always relied on using sync cords and borrowing pocket wizards for all of my flash triggering needs. Well, it's time for me to get a set of my own. I shoot Nikon, which only matters if I decide to go all in for TTL triggers to use with a TTL flash.

I'm looking for recommendations, non-Pocket Wizard preferred, on a great set of two - four remote flash triggers. I've read and seen reviews of the Cactus V's, 603's, Cowboys, P.Wizard Flex system and a few others. What have you used, what did you like and dislike about them?

The Why:

I'm looking to use these to expand my skills using off-camera flash as strobes. I have a 758DR, so I do not necessarily need TTL, but I also know the freedom of being able to remotely trigger strobes and flashes directly from the meter. This alone almost justifies the cost of going straight to the Flex system.

Currently I do not have any flashes, but I plan on picking up a new Nikon SB910 in the near future. I do not need a tremendous amount of range, but somewhere between 30ft and 120ft would be appreciated. As with most concerns, I would prefer units that use "normal" batteries, but I have access to retailers that stock the CR batteries.

The What:

Any suggestions and why would you choose those? If you strongly recommend P. Wizards, do not be shy, just tell me why I should pay the P. Wizard tax and settle for nothing less.

Note: My studio is shared with a few others that use P. Wizard Plus II's, so something that works outside of that range would be great.

Thanks, and happy shooting!