Galaxy Nexus's browser won't load web pages...HELP!

So what's the deal here? Thursday and Friday and most of Saturday my browser worked just fine, no worries...just speeded its little self along at blazing 4G speeds.

Then today it just stopped working. If I enter a URL, the progress bar moves about a centimeter and just sits there forever. Very occasionally (twice so far) it will load a web page to where the progress bar is at about 95% or so, then it just stops there and nothing happens. I have cleared my cache, closed all but the open tab, cleared cookies, even cleared the history. None of that helps. I have rebooted the phone. No dice.

Now, before you say it must be some connection problem I'm having, be aware that every other app is transferring data like nobody's business. I've used Currents, Gmail, Reader, Calendar, New York Times, that ESPN scoreboard app, G+, Facebook, a movie time app, among many others. None of these has a trace of a problem. The speedtest app reports that I'm doing about 15000 kbps up and 21000 kbps down. Opera Mini works. Currents shows original page view of its enhanced sites without any trouble...

Also, I've tried to go to all kinds of web sites, so it isn't a problem on the other end either.

So...anyone else had this problem? Anyone have any idea what might be causing it and how to fix it?